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99MB is growing quicker than we expected and itís time to recruit a few new staff members. Please read the following expectations and rules thoroughly. It'll be easy to see who hasn't and who has. Thank you for wanting to join this growing community!


We're not going to hire just anyone, we want skilled graphic makers who can really improve 99MB. So, that being said you must:
• Have a decent amount of graphics and coding knowledge. We don't want to have to explain how to place and image on a webpage to you.
• Make graphics either equal or higher to our own in status. We're not interested in amateurs.
• Update frequently, at least once every three weeks. If you are going away and cannot, please send us a message. We're looking for people who actually update when we can't, not those who update once in a blue moon.
• Have a good attitude and enjoy yourself, we don't want updating to turn into a job.

Great! So you match the expectations?


• Fill out all of the form and as much as possible. Think of it as an audition, the better it is the more likely you'll get accepted.
• Don't lie or plagiarize others' work just to get the job, it'll be obvious and you'll be both banned and put on display in our WOS.
• We're not hiring 34 people, maximum 4. Make sure you know what you're doing and how to make good graphics in advance, since those 4 slots are going to be filled in with people who know what's going on.
• Any questions, please contact us through the contact page or the tagboard.

Send this form to

Age: (preferably someone above the age of 13; it really depends on your graphics)
Site URL: (optional but preferred if you don't already have a co-existing site, not including forums/portfolios)
Reason for Applying:
Why Should We Hire You?:
Examples: At least three examples of your best work, no more then ten.

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