2015 News

FEBRUARY 12, 2015 | KAT

SORRY FOR BEING ABSENT! It saddens me to say that I can't promise an update in the near future, I unfortunately haven't kept in touch with the other admins and I'm not sure what the plans for 99MB are. However I'll do my best to fix the broken resource links if possible and keep the site maintained for now. Most of our resources are still available through our DA and Tumblr accounts, if you guys have any questions/comments/see anything else that is broken please email us through the contact page, I won't be checking the site as frequently as the email and I don't want to miss anything when I do repair it.

Once again I'm so sorry for not posting any word on what has happened to us. Thanks to everyone who still regularly visits our site and uses our content, I've had a bit of a muse going as of late and can hopefully bring some fresh designs and resources, even if it may be for a short time. I will be making a personal graphics Tumblr that I may post in the near future with resources/graphics/etc. since it will be easier for me to manage than the entire site. All the best and once again please email us through the contact page or at mockingbirds99@yahoo.com if you have any feedback/comments/questions and see any further broken links or pages.

With much love, Kat.