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fast history

July 5, 08 - Site Born. Hosted By Chanlu.org; 99mockingbirds.chanlu.org
Dec 28, 08 - Site revamped & reborn. Hosted By Chanlu.org; 99mockingbirds.chanlu.org
Feb 20, 08 - Domain Brought from Crashwithme.org. Hosted By Chanlu.org.

99 Mocking Birds was created July 5/2008 by Tuly and Kat. This site has two main Staff, and due to their love of graphics making they decided to create one collaboration site that can feature both of their works.

Kat came from her personal graphic website called Epic Discord, and Tuly came from a website called Unthinking Majority, which she worked as a staff. Later on, Coco came from her own personal resource website, MintyMouth.

the name

We wanted to unique name for the site. We got tried of "fantasy" type names like; 'dreams' 'endless colors' etc. Then after some names, we choose 99mockingbirds.
99mockingbirds came into Tuly's mind one night. Mostly, the name's idea came from the rapper/artist named Eminem. He had written a "song" about his daughter, and the song's name happen to be "Mockingbirds". With the song's name in mind, we (Kat and Tuly) agreed to add a little twist with the number 99, to make it seem a bit more decent, then plain.

the purpose

To serve and the provide top of the notch graphics and resource which you won't be able to take your eyes off of.
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99 MockingBirds is copyrighted to Kat & Tuly. All images belong to their rightful owner.
Thanks Chanlu.org for hosting.
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