Remember guys!

August 27, 2012 | Connah

I wanna thank Kat below for the warm welcome; Ash and I are so excited to get started here on 99MB!

Aside from that, this is just a friendly reminder that here at 99MB, we LOVE to see what you guys have made with our resources!

Feel free to post links in the chatbox to show us what you've made! And also don't forget that we're open to feedback on what kinds of resources you guys want, and/or if you have any questions (how did you do that?) regarding any content on the site!

Just a quick update but one nonetheless! Keep on makin' those graphics! ^^

New designs and a huge welcome!

August 21, 2012 | Kat

Hi dolls, long time no see! Sorry for my seemingly endless absence, I'm probably the worst admin ever. =( To make it up to you I've brought two designs as a treat and an update for weelittlebones which will make an appearance tomorrow! I'm really excited about the designs, it's been a while since I've made a layout and I'm quite happy with the results. Also, though I'm sure you've noticed, we've had a few additions to the 99MB family! Welcome to all and their beautiful content, we're glad to have you with us =)

I'll be seeing you all very soon, enjoy the new updates! <3 Link.

OMG, I can't believe it!

August 15, 2012 | Ash

And... here I am, even if I can't believe it! It's my first day here and I'm so excited that I already posted my first coloring, lol. I hope you like everything that I'll updated here, only for you! Because share resources is a great activity and very helpful for everybody <3

Oh, well, I'm forgetting to make the introduction about myself... My name is Ash, I'm from Spain (that's the reason because my english sucks, I'm sorry) and I'm 18. I love make graphics with photoshop and I'm in some forums (known as novocaine.) learning more and more. Apart of the design, I love music, films, go out with friends and those things (I'm too normal, I guess). My favourite singer is Rihanna, but I listen to a lot of kind of groups and singers like: Evanescence, Madonna, Nirvana, Bruno Mars, Three Days Grace, Marilyn Manson... etc. About films, I like a little bit of everything, but my favourite films are Harry Potter and The Lord Of The Rings <3

I'm pretty bad with introductions, as you can see, so sorry if I sound a little bit boring and so >_< I just want to add that I'm so grateful and if you need something from me, just ask in the chat <33

Thank you very much <3
- Ash

Another update from the newb!

August 15, 2012 | Connah

Like I said in my introduction, just below, I'm eager to get started! I whipped up four 800x600 black and white textures into a series called, "Subtle Destruction".

These textures will work best as a base, or to add contrast to existing texture/stock layers. Try layer masking out the parts you don't want. The grunge parts of the textures will provide meticulous contrast to areas you want to highlight and/or shade.

Ash, and myself, also added two new Colouring PSD's over in the Coloring PSDs section. Check 'em out if you guys need any new colouring styles!

Thanks guys!
- connah.